Why buy when you can DIY

Hey beauties, I as a beauty lover know all to well the pain of no longer being able to use a certain makeup or skincare product that was just right for me, due to the fact of my transition to green beauty. It seems as soon as I find the certain product that works out for my skin tone, I have to find an alternative. At first it seemed impossible to replace all my products especially my holy grails, but I knew with dedication, I will find replacements. Let’s get real, just like any beauty product —”Not all beauty products are created equal”. As frustrating as it was I knew at the end of each rainbow there’s a treasure.

At one point of my transitioning journey, I thought going cruelty free was hard, but to be honest that was a piece of cake. When I think clean beauty—the first thing that pops in my head is Whole Foods. Whole Foods is pretty pricey, yet you’ll find everything you need in clean everything. But now that I’ve done my research, and talked to other people, I’ve learned other places are starting to incorporate green beauty. I than began my trips to drugstores, department stores, and to my surprise I found green beauty products I can purchase to try out.

I’m always up for a challenge honestly, if I can go cruelty free than I definitely can go green.

Let me put this out they’re, I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again—YES green beauty can be a bit pricey but think of it as high end makeup/skincare with out the harsh chemicals. They are green beauty brands that aren’t pricey, it’s all about doing your research. If your on a budget, or don’t want to splurge you can do a DIY. All that aside, let me get to the point on what I’m trying to explain here.

Who said you need to purchase all your products when you can DIY.

If you told me a year ago I’d be doing DIY with beauty products I’d look at you and think your crazy.. I’ve never been the one to be a DIY anything especially when it came to makeup and skincare. Ask anyone that knows me to see me now doing things outside the box shocks them. I learned that certain products you can do it yourself, they can turn out just as good or even better.

Products I no longer purchase/repurchase:

  • Lip scrubs
  • Lip balms
  • Coffee scrubs
  • Face primer
  • Setting spray
  • Turmeric powder/cleansers
  • Setting powder
  • Rose water
  • Face Toner
  • Makeup Remover

The products I’ve mentioned above I’ve tested many times with different ingredients and textures until I found the right formula that worked for me. I’m still in the process of working on more DIY’s. Not only do I know what’s in my diy products, I also save money. It’s a win win in my book.

Are you a beauty DIY? Have you tried to do any diy beauty/skincare products yourself?

Until next time,

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