Mishe Beauty’s Crystal Nail Shiner {Review}

Disclaimer:I received this product for free from Mishe Beauty for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own and how a product worked for me. It is never influenced by any brand or person.

Hey beauties, are you looking for a nail filer that buffs, files, and shines nails all in one? Do you hate those bulky nail filers that just do part of the job, just to buy another filer to do the rest? If you answered yes that I have the answer for you!

Mishe Beauty’s Crystal Nail Shiner is "a revolutionary nail shiner that not only trims and buffs your nails, but creates an instant natural gloss and shine without the need for nail polish.”

What it does:

  • No need for a 4-step process required by the existing sponge files and buffers
  • Fast and simple 1-step process for a shinier nail
  • Long lasting shine up to 4 weeks
  • The Mishe Crystal Nail Shiner is easily cleaned with water or alcohol
  • Made with high quality materials that prevent the product from wearing out quickly

Price: $14.99

Ingredients: Tempered Glass, Silicon

I was excited to be chosen to try out a product that can make my life simple, especially filling my nails as I'm a busy mom always on the go. I enjoy doing my nails but, I just have no time to sit and use multiple products just to file my nails. So when I had the chance to review a nail filer that does it all in one I was up for it. I don't have the prettiest shaped nails, and they aren't long either. I don't like using fake nails, and I'm not a fan of nail salons because of all the chemicals. Something I hated to admit was—I was a nail biter. Yes you heard it right it was such a bad habit! Now that I have "adult" braces (another blog post for that topic) it's gotten better and I am not able to bite my nails. Still my nails are just brittle and weak.

Let's talk about the pretty packaging, shall we. If you know me you know I am a sucker for pretty packaging especially simple ones. The nail filer I received is a pretty black and white polka dot design. It comes with the cutest gold shiny cary case to keep you filer from damaging. Perfect for keeping in any bag.

I now understand the price, at first I was like why would a nail filer be that expensive. First off the material is well made. My first thought was it's going to be an ordinary cheap nail filer, girl was I wrong! Not cheap made at all. It feels thick and heavy like, not easily prone to bend and break. Since using it, it still looks new like I haven't touched it. In my opinion the price is worth it.

I used the abrasive side first of the nail file, which surprised me in a good way. Usually, nail files are a bit painful when you file your nails but, this mishe nail file didn't at all! It was very comfortable to file my nails with no rough edges. Another wonderful thing was the nail file helped with my cuticles by pressing them down evenly. Next, was the shining part which I was the most excited for! I preceded to the shine side of the filer. First—let me point out, it was difficult to at first to rub it on my nails. It felt very rubbery. Secondly I was disappointed at the end result of the "shine." At first it looked like it was shiny to the point where it looked like you had clear glossy shiny nail polish. But to my disappointment it faded quick and didn't have the shiny effect. My nails did feel smooth and strong. It didn't feel weak like most nail filers make my nails.

Overall, I do enjoy this nail filer and will continue to use it. In my opinion it's the best nail filer I've used so far. It's an excellent crystal nail file.

What are your thoughts on nail filers?

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