Grandpa is flying in a Spaceship-review 


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Hey beauties, wow we are in June already! Where has the time flew?!

Here’s a little something different that as a mom thought was a really thoughtful book. Not knowing what the book is about I thought it was a simple children’s book like any other, but was I caught off  guard in a pleasant way.

A story of a young boy named Mick, who loved his grandfather. They always had so much fun together. The grandfather dies suddenly. The story is how the young boy, Mick must accept and cope with his loss. Mick is concerned that maybe he did something that hurt his grandfather and was the cause of his death.

Death is not an easy topic for anyone to talk about or handle, and even harder to have children understand. Talking about death with children requires sensitivity on the subject. I would recommend this story as a form for children who have suffered the loss of a close family member. This book can help young children understand the concept of death without feeling the blame on themselves. For myself, it wouldn’t be recommend this book to a child/children who didn’t lose a family member.

As a mom I thought this was a wonderful children’s book. I love how easy this book was to read to my children about losing a loved one, especially a grandparent. My children enjoyed how each page had pictures for the to look at. It kept them engaged and interested.

I read it to my five-year old, and my two-year old. My five-year old liked the story, and understood what the concept of the story was about. He felt sad for Mick in the story, because he also lost his grandfather suddenly and knew to well the feeling. It helped realize that death isn’t anyone’s fault especially a child. My two-year old wasn’t bothered by the book, he wasn’t interested or engaged as much as my five-year old. I tried explaining it to my two-year old child but it was harder for my two-year old to concept what death really is, and that’s acceptable because a child that young still can’t cope what death means when loosing a family member. Once my two-year old gets a little older and will have a better understanding, I will definitely read this book to him.

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