Clean/Green beauty hauls 

Hey beauties, I’ve recently purchased a few green beauty products from different brands. If you haven’t took to notice I’ve been cleaning up my life, literally speaking from what I eat, to my products that I smother all over my face and body. Call me curious, but I love seeing other people’s beauty hauls. I find that watching hauls is a great way to discover new products and seeing people’s thoughts on them. Today, I’m sharing my green beauty hauls that I’ve purchased in store or online, on separate occasions. If you’d like to find out what I bought  keep reading. 

Let’s start by what I purchased in store at Whole Foods: 

  1. Cocokind organic matcha face moisturizer 
  2. Acure clarifying shampoo and conditioner 
  3. Mineral fusion hair repair shampoo and conditioner 
  4. Pacifica natural body wash in Tuscan blood orange. Pacifica perfume in Tuscan blood orange, and Mediterranean fig. 
  5. Mineral fusion mattifying primer

Now on to what I purchased online:

  1. Motherdirt A0 + Mist
  2. Cocokind skincare
  3. Farmstead Apothecary 

And finally what I purchased from CVS:


  1. Physicians Formula bronze booster palette, and feather brow
  2. Derma|e purifying oil free moisturizer 

They’ll be reviews for most of these products soon on the blog, so look out for those. Subscribe and follow my blog to be in the know of new posts. 

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