It’s finally been done!

Hooray California! Hey beauties, Great news! I’ve received an email from Seventh Generation about an exciting change: It’s happened. California has just passed history making legislation that will now require cleaning companies to disclosure all intentionally added ingredients online and on pack by 2020. All this year you have stood […]

Toxic free VS Non Toxic, Why the chemicals?

Hey beauties, when ever I’m shopping, I as a mom always try to carefully read labels. I’ve learned so much from transitioning to clean everything especially my products. It really opened up my eyes and mind, on how I saw or thought of labeling! If the label says “toxic-free,” “natural” or […]

Stand up for accurate labeling

Hey beauties, this is a topic that is important for all women, including daughters who might not even be ready just yet. And while talking about periods can be squeamish for some, there is helpful info to be shared. Unbelievably, no federal law exists which requires disclosure of ingredients in […]

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